We are living in a new era of hope


I truly believe that this year is one of the most exciting years  since I can remember. The American Presidential race is certainly one of the biggest highlights. Despite the fact the media loves to constantly talking about Donald Trump, this overlooks as huge change that is happening. The possibility of electing Bernie Sanders in America and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn has had a huge energising effect for millions of people across the world. These two factors have changed the dynamic of political life, it has transformed the established norms that have been established in the UK and the US for decades. Within the context of the new Canadian left wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this means within this generation there is a real chance that three of the largest world economies could be led by anti-establishment candidates.

corbyn and sanders

Their aim is not to divide people but to unify them in one common goal, to change the governments they feel have let them down so badly in the past. The financial crash in 2008 had a huge profound impact on how people see the world. In the UK people blamed a few different groups, some people blamed the Labour government, some people put the blame on the bankers and some people choose to take their frustration out on migrants. A similar pattern happened in American, the blame for the financial crisis did not necessarily fall on the institutions who were directly involved in the crash, but on those who were in charge at the time and the ethnic minorities who have migrated to American. Ultimately during that period in the UK, those people who blamed the bankers were effectively drowned out by those who sought to lay the blame on the supposed ‘over spending’ of the Labour party(bare in mind Labours spending leading up to 2008 is about the level of spending we are experiencing now) and immigrants.

The most significant change we now see is, those surging from the left are gaining traction. There are many reasons for this, people are sick and tired of the old elites, people are sick and tired of being lectured to by politicians, but most important of all, people are sick and tired of the institutions that have led people down so badly. The new candidates from the left  are constantly pointing out how the real people who caused the financial crash were not immigrant and it was not caused by spending on doctors of nurse, but the financial institutions and the political establishment who allowed the financial class to get away with utter failure. The new rise of the left seeks to bring those people to account and to transform the way we see politics, which has been in decline for at least a generation.

Although the future is not certain and Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn could lose their respective elections, what has happened is that millions of people have sent a message to the political establishment. That message is, if politicians continue in the way they have for the last ten years and they also allow the financial institutions to dominate political life, they will be punished electorally, either sooner or later.

This video below really summarises the excitement and opportunity that Bernie Sanders represents to millions of Americans, have a look. Please ask questions or comment below! Also check out my other posts on my blog, there will be many more in the pipe line!


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