What has the EU ever done for us?


Protects jobs through maintaining unfettered access to the EU market.

This protects up to 3 million jobs in the UK alone, it gives our businesses free unfettered access to the largest trading bloc in the world. 47% of trade is done with the rest of the EU.

Keeps the price of food low and stable

Through the Common Agricultural policy, which subsidies our farming industry, this keeps our food prices stable and cheap.

Maintains our security

Through information sharing the EU helps protect the UK from terrorist attacks. In addition, the European Arrest Warrant means that we can extradite dangerous criminals to their country of origin to face justice.

Makes the UK more powerful when we are represented by the huge EU bloc

When dealing with massive trading blocs like China and the US, EU trade deals can push for better terms which directly maintains jobs in the UK. The strength of deals with foreign governments if we act as a bloc with 500 million consumers is incredible.

Protects human rights law

Through the European Court of Justice which maintains the European treaties, this ensures that international human rights law is maintained throughout the EU. This is legally binding throughout the member states, which means that on issues of human rights, EU law protects the rights of citizens all over Britain.

Protects workers rights and equal pay

The EU introduced the idea of paid maternity and paternity leave which has huge benefits for working people with families. In addition, in 1957 the EU introduced the equal pay act, which means that women and men have a right in law to equal pay.

A simple question

Do you want to give up the influence Britain has over the decisions made in the largest trading bloc in the world?

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